Battlename Strange turned 3 today!

Battlename Strange turned 3 today!

I Would Kill Myself If I Wasn’t Already Dead Or If I Were More Optimistic I’d Make a Party, Human, Please Nevermind…

"To Revolve Around Infinite Dreams of Love Unreal" —-.—-

Lost Won´t Be Found
Battlename Strange
Oh Dear! I´m Nothing


Help me to rest :(

Political Bullshit Aside
Dear Nothing
Satan Would Be Proud

Remote Improvisation night with the guys of Dear Nothing. Part 1

A Little Late, but here it is.

From The Fateful Spectator OST

Terraformer l

My torn KIP

  Not to dim this cold in me.

I feel like a disgraceful fruit out of a falling tree.

No sailor believes to ever land, neither do I.

We´ll sink alone, like a hollow piece of misery.

Don´t ever dim the tide.

Let us drown.

Lets us sink and float back.

Let´s float back to dim this urge in my torn KIP.

Broken me. Broken me. Surrender. It´s not love. It´s not hope. It´s not the skill of the teller. Is the taste and the tongue. It´s the allusion that chokes you. Broken me. Broken me. Surrender. It won´t the tears. It won´t the rain. Absent courage to prevail. Cure in me. Heal me. Safe to forget. When the eye is closed and the dreamland surrounds. No more expectations. Only abstraction that will lead to completion. A lie falls, so the blindfold that ties a misdirected emotion. Broken me. Broken me. Heal from earth. Heal from sleepless distortion. Sleep. Surrender.

Bad quality teaser from The Fateful Spectator…